Academy of Math & Science

Academy of Math and Science: Students in this pathway have chosen to challenge themselves with rigorous and advanced coursework concentrated in the areas of mathematics and science,  and complimented by additional courses in Technology and Engineering. By the end of four years, students will have completed 10 credits of higher level math, science, and technology classes, including a minimum of 3 college level or Advanced Placement courses in math and science. Students in this academy will complete a capstone project utilizing their proficiency in these areas, or complete an internship in a STEM related field. They will also successfully complete a research based course, intended to prepare them to continue their studies at the collegiate level.
Students wishing to earn an endorsement in the Academy of Math and Science, must take Biology or higher as a 9th grader and have successfully completed Geometry prior to the beginning of their 10th grade year.   The STEM Academy offers a summer STEM Cohort Geometry for rising 9th and 10th grade NHS students to achieve this goal.